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​​​​​​​Like you, I have acquired a very particular set of skills. They're my super powers. Not all of them are right for everyone, but for those who need what I can do, I'm your superhero of choice...

As an author - the simple book I published on writing compelling marketing messages became an international bestseller.​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​I wrote it for anyone who wants to ethically influence others with the right words.  

As an actor - Great acting doesn't happen by simply pretending. It's the result of knowing your character well enough to temporarily become them. That's the secret to creating a complex, authentic character that will engage, entertain and educate the audience.

As a Consultant and Copywriter -  I'm here to avenge the harm done by both wimpy and unethical (or just plain boring) marketing messages. My years of experience in portraying different characters helps me step into the shoes of the audiences I write for! And, because I understand how to identify people's motivations, I use those insights and my intuition, to create innovative, irresistible and emotionally engaging marketing. I work exclusively with companies and entrepreneurs that I believe truly have integrity and something beneficial to offer the world.

As a Speaker - Seth Godin wrote a great book with a deceptive title; "All Marketers Are Liars." His message was that a great story is what sells. be it simple or complex, it needs to be a true one. My message is simple. It is the truths you try to hide that are exactly what you need to reveal to create a prosperous business and a fulfilling personal life.  

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Direct Response Copywriting

Campaign Development

Speaker and Author


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Alter Ego 

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Marketing Strategy

Snapshot of Accomplishments and Revenues Generated 

Founder of Copy Avengers​​​​​​​


Seeking the globe to recruit the most talented copywriters to form a team to eradicate bad marketing.

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CEO of Absolutely Brilliant Concepts

2000 - Present

Dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs make more money, have more fun and change the world.

1994- 2000

The world's first direct response marketing educators to carpet cleaners and service companies

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Dean Graziosi​​​​​​​


Over $100,000,000 in sales

2003 - 2004 NMI, Palm Beach

Over $4,000,000 in sales.

Jive Network

2000 - 2003

Over $55,000,000 in sales.

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POB 876 Higley, AZ 85236

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